In Loving Memory ~ Ryan

On Wednesday 5th of March 2008, My precious girls and I lost the love of our life. Ryan was the most amazing daddy, partner and best friend in the world! We miss him so much. He was the kind of person that didn't care about what others thought and would do anything for his family! It leaves an ache in my soul to know that I can no longer hug and kiss him at will! Often in life we take for granted the things that we hold dearest in our hearts and we rely on the fact that things won't change and that the ones we love will always be there! This is not the case! Life is short, Somewhat shorter for others! So cherish all that you hold dear, Let people know just how much they mean to you, You never know when they will be ripped from your lives!

Ryan will always hold a special place in the hearts of all that knew him, It didn't matter if you had known him your whole life or for a few minutes you could tell he would be a friend for life! He was a genuine person who appreciated every person for who they where, Not what they owned or the achievements they had accomplished. To him you where who you where with or without your credentials!! It's not very often in life you will find love at first sight, but I did! I loved Ryan from the very second I laid eyes upon him, His gorgeous eyes peering out from under the brim of his hat and a cheeky grin across his face.

Gone but not forgotten, Although we are apart,
Your spirit lives within me, forever in my heart.