About Me

I'm Gabrielle, a proud stay @ home mum of three beautiful little girls and two gorgeous little boys and I live in Queensland, Australia.

I love nothing more then to sit quietly some where rummaging through my photo boxes reminiscing as I look for that perfect picture to sculpt from or to use in my next scrapbooking page! I have always been a crafty person, Even as a child you would find me tucked away some where creating a masterpiece, Little pieces of paper spread out around me, glue in my hair and a smudge of paint across my cheek.

My greatest passion by far is my children, They are my most magnificent creation. I constantly find myself watching in awe as they play and dream and learn! They are truly AMAZING! There is a certain magic children have and a wisdom that children seem to bring out in adults, You learn things and feel things you never thought where possible, without my children I wouldn't be the person I am today that's for sure!