Zachy's 1st Birthday - Construction Style

Ever since I first took this picture of my littlest man I knew his first birthday would involve Tonka trucks... So over the last year I have slowly collected bits and pieces for his birthday. There have been a few design changes along the way... at first I wanted a yellow and black construction theme but then decided it was going to be a little plain looking for a 1st birthday, in the end I settled on a bright and colourful construction theme.

I borrowed a few awesome idea's from Pinterest and made some traffic cone jellies, some Tim Tam traffic lights and we used our Tonka trucks to serve some Cheetos and some pretzels.

Zach's birthday cake was the one thing my mind was set on from the start, he HAD to have a digger cake! I searched high and low for the perfect candle but in the end I painted my own!

I just bought a plain old ordinary number one and painted construction stripes using acrylic paint. The finish wasn't perfect but I loved it anyway.

The cake was the perfect mix of construction and colour!

NOTE TO SELF: Put honeycomb on the cake just before serving... It likes to melt!

Seeing Zachy's little hand reaching out and stealing little bits of chocolate was one of my favourite memories from the day.

One of my favourite items from his birthday decor was his Roberts Confectionary bunting... I simply used tape to attach black and white pictures between the trucks for a cute flashback of the year. The best part is now that his birthday is over I can use the cute cardboard trucks in my scrapbooks! Win Win!

Another of my favourite decorations would be his 'Construction Zone' banner, designed by your's truly and printed through Vistaprint, this bad boy will end up in his bedroom along side his big brothers first birthday banner (a lightning McQueen 'Ron's Pit Stop version) or possibly in the lego corner of the play room ;)

All in all our little man had a pretty amazing day and he was truly exhausted by bedtime. Watching him chase balloons, dancing in the bubbles from the bubble machine and playing in his water table where just some of the highlights of the day for me... I think the highlight of his day was just playing with his toy drill... He LOVES it! 

Happy 1st Birthday to our special little guy, we love you with all our hearts!
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