The 'SNIFF ' Test...

So... I went to put a load of washing on and spy a basket on the floor next to the dirty washing and swear that I just washed the pants that are on the top of the pile... 
I look at the pile and then I pick up the pants... they look clean, I pick up a top it looks clean too... I know as I look at that pile that the only way I can truly tell if the washing is in fact clean is by performing the 'sniff' test frown emoticon
I wince as evaluate which item would be my best option... I glance at the socks... I really don't want to smell those socks but they seem to be the most tell tale item in the basket... dare I pick up the sock and risk the chance of burning my sinuses with what very well could be the worst smell in the world???
I look on... There in the very back I see my refuge... a teen top!! Yes, there is my salvation... I pick it up and inhale... nothing!! Not a single trace of 'teen girl'... 
Now if you have a teenage daughter then you probably know the smell I'm talking about... it's a sickly mix of sweet fairy floss body spray, topped with lily perfume, topped again with berry scented shampoo and a hint of cherry lip gloss... I imagine it is what unicorn puke might smell like! 
But alas there is no scent of mythical vomit only washing powder... I pick up the basket, trudge up the castle stairs and continue on my journey to slay the folding dragon wink emoticon

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