Legacy of Love...

When I was a child one of my most favourite places in the whole wide world was my Nana and Pop's house... it was always home to me and I love everything about it and today as I create a home for my own children I think back to the feelings and the moods created in their home and I know that I want to create that for them too.

I remember waking up at Nan and Pop's house, the blind would still be pulled down, little sparrows would be sweetly chirping outside and the smell of freshly cooked porridge and toast would be wafting into the room... I knew that outside that room my pop would be sitting at the table reading his paper and nan would be in the kitchen making sure breakfast was on the table when I woke up.

I loved sitting at the table with them both, I would add sultana's to my porridge and have a glass of tomato juice just like pop... I would also have a glass of powdered milk... not because we had no real milk but just because I liked it. Nana would sit at the end of the table with her tilted writing easel reading, writing and sorting bills.

My Nana would spend hours in her sewing room with me, she would help me create pretty much anything I could dream up... even when sitting hunched over the machine made her back hurt. My Pop would take me fishing on his boat and take me yabbie pumping along the shore, he'd get me outside and in amongst all that fresh air and sunshine... But of all the things we did together the thing that meant the most was the time they both had for me.

It's amazing how all those little things the where the 'norm' in my grandparents house meant the world to me. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and take my babies with me just so they can experience that same warm fuzzy feeling I got from being at my grandparents house! I know that each of my children will have a time, a place or a person that gives them that same feeling but how wonderful would it be if we could share ours with them too?

My Nana passed away this last year and there are no words to say just how thankful I am for the time I shared with her and the love of all things crafty she helped embrace. I sit and watch my daughters creating gifts and special things for themselves, their family and their friends and I smile because I know that that urge to create and give comes from their Great Grandmother and her daughter, my mum... and myself and is something that has been passed from one generation to the next. One day it will be passed to my grandchildren too and I only hope that my home will mean to them what my Grandparents house means to me.