The end is Nigh!

With Bubba's arrival only estimated at 10-ish days away we are finally on the 'home stretch' and every night I go to bed thinking about the list of things I WILL get accomplished in the morning to prepare for his arrival BUT each morning I awake with so much less gusto than I imagined myself having the night before. I am certain it's a pregnancy thing but I do still wish I could magically click my fingers or wiggle my nose Bewitched style and have everything done!

I spied this sweet little teabag image on Pinterest this week and it very much portrays the way I am feeling lately... Yes, I am still getting up each weekday and making school lunches and walking my little girls to school and yesterday I even managed to change some sheets and actually make some beds but I am still so far from completing my pre-newborn To Do list... Oh well! 

Top of my list today is the laundry and packing my hospital bag... or at least readying the stuff that goes IN my hospital bag ;) I usually start packing when my contractions start... That way I am not jinxing myself to go into labour...  I'm not really that superstitious, packing my hospital bag actually gives me something else to concentrate on when I'm in labour besides my painful contractions! ;)

Do you have certain things you don't do during your pregnancies because of superstitions?

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