Anti-Bullying Day 2013

Once again it is Anti-Bullying Day in Australia. Our school has a 'dress in orange' day where all the children dress in orange to raise awareness about bullying and the affect it has on our children. The girls where up bright and early this morning trying to piece together their outfits... of course the dress Ryali wanted to wear was in the wash :( and she wasn't impressed! I popped in to our local discount store yesterday to buy some orange ribbon to tie in their hair... Funnily enough orange is my least favourite colour so the supplies in my craft room where scarce!!  

Bullying seems to be one of those things that have been around FOREVER but as technology brings us all closer together it also makes it harder for us to 'get away' escaping to our safe place seems harder to do now more then ever... 

It is important as parents that we make our children aware of the effects our words and actions can have on others. Words are weapons and we need to choose them wisely! At some point in our lives we have all bullied or been bullied... wether it was our peers at school, our siblings, our work colleagues or even strangers, every single one of us at sometime or another have felt the effects of bullying... simply sitting by and watching it happen is not okay! We need to stand up to bullies and say that what you are doing is NOT okay! Everyone has the right to feel safe... our children have the right to attend school and not have to worry about who is going to say/do something that makes them feel uncomfortable!

I personally would love to see an Anti-bullying program introduced nation wide, most schools have a religious education program... why not one to help our children treat each other better?
What are YOUR thoughts?

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