Hair Clip Hanger Tutorial


Being the mummy of 3 little girls it kind of goes without saying that hair clips, bows and headbands are a plenty in home. We usually store all our hair accessories in a draw in the bathroom but somehow they seem to get tangled and destroyed in there :( 
After scouring a million little boutiques across the internet and searching Etsy for a homemade and 'cost effective' solution I decided it would be much easier for me to make my own after all I had all the supplies I needed right here!

* A chipboard shape of your choice (we used a star) 
and choose one that had a pre drilled hole for hanging

* A sheet of pretty scrapbooking paper

* A sheet (or even a single) sticker for decoration

* Craft paint in a colour of your choice (we used Pretty Pink by KaiserCraft)

* A length of ribbon long enough to hang all your pretties

* Scissors
* A paint brush

* Glue 
(I used a simple glue stick for the paper and PVA for the ribbon)

The first thing to do is label your chipboard shape with a front and a back... although the shape looks pretty even you will often find that they aren't exact and if you glue your paper to the wrong side it will not cover the shape properly.

Turn you're scrapbooking paper printed side down and lay your chipboard shape over the paper so that the side labelled 'back' is face up and trace around your shape. 

Next I grabbed my paint brush and painted around the side edge and I also painted rough boarder around my chipboard shape on the 'front' side. You don't need to be neat when it comes to the front surface as you will be sticking the paper to this side and the paint is simply to make it look pretty. I chose not to paint the back as I figured it was just going to rub against the wall and come off anyway!

Now you need to cut out our paper shape and glue it patterned side up to the 'front' of your chipboard shape. DON'T FORGET to cut out you're hanging hole if you have one!

Place your sticker in place, I was lucky enough to have stickers with clear background so I could see exactly how they would look before I stuck them down. Now you can get your ribbon ready.

The next job is to glue the ribbon to the back... make sure you check your ribbon placement from the front... the last thing you want is the ribbon to crooked from the front!

Last but not least I decided to add another sticker to the bottom... It finished it off nicely by covering the end of the ribbon and by weighing down the end and helping it hang nicely :)

Happy crafting Crafty Ones!


The Australian Consortium Of Nannies said...

What a fabulous thing Gab - perfect for Jazzy's birthday party :) I'll have to see if I can find some MDF crowns :)

Gab said...

Thank~u Marina, The star we used was actually out of a pack for a ring bound scrapbook album, I did find these crown ones on Ebay from America: