Easiest Shelf EVER! :)

Last week I set out with the purpose of making a little shelf for next to my daughters bed, her bed is one of the ones with a trundle bed and drawers underneath so she is  unable to have a bedside table. Every night she would tuck her book, tv remote, mp3 player and all her other treasures under her pillow... not only did I think it would be incredibly uncomfortable for her little head but she also grew tired of having to retrieve all this stuff when it fell down the side of the bed :) What we needed to cater for in this basket/shelf was a rather large handful of her MUCH needed items:

Reading material (usually a novel), favourite cd, Nintendo DS, MP3 player and her remote control. 

My first step was to figure out how big I needed the shelf to be and what weight I would need to allow for it to hold. I then went on a basket and hook searching mission... I choose to use the Command Damage-Free Hanging hooks (approx $6.00 from Woolworths). The ones I choose are clear and hold 225g each which I thought would be more than adequate for what I needed (keeping in mind I will be using 2 which will increase my weight limit) I then went on to look for that perfect basket which I ended up finding at my local discount variety store! YAY! This particular basket cost me $2.50 :) You've got to be happy with that!

When choosing a basket try to choose one with holes that are bigger than your hooks and that the sides are NOT thicker than the gap 'inside' the hook! Also you will want to try and get a basket with straight/ non-angled sides which will allow it to sit flush (or as flush as possible) with the wall. 

To hang you're basket on the wall simply take two of the hooks and before you remove the adhesive cover hook them thru the very end holes in the basket, then use a pencil to mark where the hooks need to be stuck, then follow the directions on your packet to stick them onto the wall... I am VERY impatient and took a major short cut and actually removed the cover on the adhesive while the hooks were attached to the basket and hung it on the wall first go... DO NOT do this unless you are confident with your hanging abilities ;)

REMEMBER not to hang your basket until you have waited or the hooks to 'set' for the required time as described on their instructions!!! Once set simply hang your basket on the hooks! 

I only used 2 hooks which has held our shelf and held it's contents with ease. You could also add an extra hooks along the back of your shelf if you feel it needs the extra support.

This project would have to have been the best $9.00 I spent in months! It has put all of my daughters most used things right at her fingertips and is completely removable should she decided to rearrange her room :) Here is our shelf with all that tween paraphernalia tucked inside:


You can find the beautiful 'Hope Dream Believe' print by Claire from Sissors Paper Rock that appears (even though only slightly) in the first picture here :) 

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Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock said...

Great little shelf idea Gab! I may have to *steal* that idea for Ella's room.
And thanks for the print feature.