Elmo's World Tour

A few weeks back Elmo's World Tour came to our town. Each of my girls have been lucky enough to go to a toddler themed concert when they were little and this time it was Miss 3's turn! Seeing as our eldest got to go and see Taylor Swift in concert with her Aunty a few weeks back I decided to break the rules a little and let Miss 5 tag along too. It just didn't seem fair that both her sisters were going to concerts and she wasn't.

The girls were very excited to be going to see Elmo but Abby Cadabby was definitely the main attraction for them both! I think the fact that they were going to be seeing the concert with their cousins made it EXTRA special too!

The girls dressed in their brand new Elmo outfits and were both pretty excited running around the house like little crazies until about 10 minutes before the show... when Miss 3 started to look a little uneasy! She had fidgety hands and a worried look across her face... I think that maybe the amount of people waiting outside made her a feel little nervous.

Once the show started however it was a total different story. Sadly both girls weren't very interested at all! They actually seemed rather bored... I ended up spending the whole time with one daughter telling me she was hungry despite eating before we left home and the other asking wether we could go home now!  There were a few times where the girls where quietly watching or singing along but for the majority they didn't really want to be there! My 16 month old nephew didn't really care for it  either and I am thinking that maybe it would be better suited to that age group in the middle of them at around 2 years old.

A cute adaption to the Elmo's World song helped the children connect a little more with the characters and by the end many of the children had decided to sing along BUT it was the Mummies and Daddies that I think were truly impressed... old favourites such as 'The Rubber Ducky' song were the real hits of the concert many of the parents sang along to the tunes they have heard for decades! 

To be honest I was so excited to see Cookie Monster in person... and YES I was one if the sing along Mummies! 

The saddest part for me was that my 3 year old didn't realise that they were REALLY there! Somewhere along the line she decided that it was like the cinema's and we were watching TV in the concert hall... I guess this may have been the real reason she found it boring... I wonder if she would have felt that way if the characters had of decided to do a walk by and say hello to the children before or even after the show...

Either way mummy had fun ;) 

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