Family Toilet?

This week we set off to Mitre 10 to replace the hinges on our toilet seat. When we purchased the house both the bathroom and toilets had been renovated by the previous owners. I loved the new toilet shape but soon after we moved in I realised the new 'fancy' toilets weren't practical. We a little girl starting to toilet train we discovered that the standard clip on potty chairs didn't fit the wider bowl :( Even now we find that our little one still manages to pee under the seat rather than in the bowl. EWWWWW!

While DH spoke to the man at the counter and found to just replace the hinges was going to leave us $50 out of pocket, I strolled around and found a very VERY awesome product... Enter the Bemis Next Steps Family toilet seat!! 

I thought this was a great idea, it is a toilet seat with it's very own built in toddler seat! It easily pulls down and sits over the regular toilet seat, it is a solid seat that doesn't bend or collapse. It has little rubber feet to protect the adult seat from damaging due to rubbing from the toddler seat and...
The toddler seat even stays in the lid when you open it! A strategically placed magnet in the lid makes sure the toddler seat doesn't snap closed when in normal use :) Mitre 10 sells the Bemis Family Toilet Seat for $73 which compared to the replacement hinges is a BARGAIN!

While we were there Mitre 10 only had the display stock so we left with our hinges instead... which after paying a ridiculous amount didn't fit after all :(  

So we took the hinges back and low and behold there was the Family Toilet Seat IN STOCK! YAY!!
So now sitting on our toilet is this awesome invention and after having it for 2 days I still have NO complaints about it! If you are looking for a practical solution to toilet training and have little people running around your home I would definitely recommend the Bemis Next Steps Toilet seat :)

* Please note I have not been paid in any way for this review! This post has been written by a Mummy wanting to find and share good quality products to help make things easier for other Mummies too :)

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