Pet's are friends for life

We currently have 3 dogs, a Lovebird, 2 chickens and a duck and let me tell you... Having pets is HARD WORK. They all need feeding, watering and cleaning up after not to mention visits to the vet for check ups and when they get sick or injured which costs BIG money!!

Recently I have seen a lot of posts of animals being mistreated and cases of severe animal cruelty and I am writing this post in hopes that it will reach someone somewhere and help them realise that

A) They don't WANT the responsibility of a pet


B) They DO want the responsibility and consider rescuing a pet from a shelter!

There are SO many animals that get put down each year because they are given as pets to families that aren't ready for them, because they are aren't desexed and the owners cannot afford to raise kittens or find homes for them, because people mistreat their pets and then their pets are seized by the RSPCA or council. Pets are the family that you get to choose and they are your responsibility FOR LIFE!

There are so many expenses to think about before you even consider adopting a furry, feathered, scaly or any other kind of family member: worming, desexing, vaccinating, cleaning, clipping, feeding... not to mention veterinary visits. On top of all that you will need space for active pets to run around, housing for your pet, collars, toys and one of the most important things TIME. Animals need a lot of your time not only do they need time to get exercise and training but they also need time for affection. Pets NEED love just like us!

The bond between a child and a pet is irreplaceable, there is something WONDERFUL about watching them interact... even if it's just a gold fish :) But it is a very BIG responsibility and one that definitely should not be taken lightly! So PLEASE think a lot before you choose to adopt a pet... then think again just to be sure. Pets are friends for life.

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