Grace not perfection!

(Image by Emily Ley)

I don't think I have ever read a more wise statement! 

What is perfection anyway? 

Could we define it even if we wanted to? After all everyone's idea of what is perfect is very different...

What happens if we wake one morning and realise that maybe the perfect we were trying so hard to be isn't 'perfect' after all? 

What if we realise that we are actually HAPPY just the way we are, that we DON'T have to worry about being the kind of parent others think we should be... more importantly that our children are happy with us just the way we are!! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Guess what?

YOUR the only one standing between you and that blissful existence!!

I think it is something we all do... sabotage our own happiness!

Me? Well I am a worrier!! 


I worry about my children, money, that I am doing the right thing by other people, that people are taking me the right way... worry, worry, worry!!

I really have no idea how to FIX the fact that I worry so much... and honestly I don't think it will ever 'go away' but it is up to me how much time and ME I invest in worrying! 

I can let myself buy into my worries... and then feel stressed and headachy and sick to my stomach or I can remind myself that I can only FIX certain things... that only SOME of the things I worry about are MY responsibility... I can't change what people expect or how they react or even what they understand... BUT I can choose how it affects ME and MY little family! 

One thing I have learnt from being a Sunny Mummy is that I AM the perfect mother for my children...
There is no point worrying if OTHER people think I am doing a good enough job and there is no point looking around to see if someone else is doing a better job... Why? Because they are doing a DIFFERENT job and they too are the perfect mother for THEIR children!! (Thank~u Stacey Sullaphen for those pearls of wisdom)  

Isn't it strange that mothers everywhere are very different BUT can all be PERFECT just the way they are...

It's just another MIRACLE of motherhood  :)

So today instead of looking around and investing your time in what you should have, could have and would have done, concentrate on what you did...


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Juz :) said...

I love this!! Beautifully written Gab :)