Pumpkin Carving

Here in Australia Halloween is a holiday that has only really become popular over the last 10 years. Even now when children decide to actually Trick or Treat they are lucky if they are able to even find a house with goodies.

Our little family didn't even celebrate Halloween until about 3 or 4 years ago. We don't participate in the ritual of Trick or Treating because for me it is hard enough trying to teach my children about stranger danger without confusing them by telling them to knock on doors and accept candy from someone they don't know. So instead we like to celebrate with family and friends :) This year we had planned a spooky halloween dinner but have had to postpone it due to sickness :( We are hoping that everyone will be well enough to celebrate tomorrow night.

This year was my first EVER year of Pumpkin Carving :) The good thing about this is that because Halloween is actually over the pumpkins were 1/2 price YAY! After scouring the internet for inspiration I finally decided on making the girl a pumpkin with the Monster High logo on it.

We couldn't find a pumpkin using the logo on google so we were going to have to make it up as we went :) To carve our pumpkin I used:

* Carving Pumpkin (from Woolworths)
* Sharp Long Blade Knife
* Sharpie Pen
* Spoon
* Scooping Tool & Mini Carving Saw (I bought mine in a packet ($2) from Woolworths)

We started with a traced image and I transferred it onto the pumpkin using my Sharpie pen. I then decided which parts I wanted to keep and which I wanted to carve and made sure that all the pieces that would 'fall' out had supports (little 'bridges' to hold the pieces in place)

Then I started by using the long blade knife to cut a lid from the top of the pumpkin. I then proceeded to scoop out the flesh... I didn't realise but the carving pumpkins have very little flesh and are mostly filled with seeds and stringy 'sinew'

I didn't realise but the carving pumpkins have very little flesh and are mostly filled with seeds and stringy 'sinew'


I actually added a second outline to the pumpkin after the above photo as I changed my mind about the overall design :) Here is the finished result after I finished cutting... I was very VERY happy with the outcome.

And now for the PiƩce de resistance my Monster High Halloween pumpkin all lit up :)

So... What do you think for a first timer?

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Anonymous said...

Amazing!! I am trying my hand at one tonight. This one looks great.