A Spotty Wot Wot 3rd Birthday

Almost a week ago my sweet little baby turned 3... I think 3 marks the FULL progression into Toddler and although my little Miss is a whole year older she will always be MY little baby! (Sorry for the cliche) This year we had a Wotwot themed party, Oh how she LOVES the Wotwots!! Miss R is constantly running around the house saying 'Wotty wotwot' and will literally RUN from the other end of the house when she hears it come on tv! The problem with this is that there is NOTHING available for birthday parties... Thank goodness I have been designing party packs! I tried to make all the party stuff spotty... even her presents were spotty!

Ryali's party was just a little family party this year. To decorate I used a lot of pink, blue and white which sadly looked kind of plain to me... but Miss 3 loved it!

My favourite parts were the hanging Spottywot and Dottywot because they looked like they were floating in the air...

The sweet little bows on the corners of the table...

The multicoloured pompoms I made...

The Wotwot banner with her name on it...

The 'homemade' cake decorations...

And last but not least my birthday girl!!! LOL

Isn't she just the cutest!!

I have to admit that I was a little teary tucking her in the night before her birthday... there is just something about 3rd birthdays that tugs at my heart strings!! And NO it isn't the fact that they aren't free at the movies anymore ;)

Here she is all tucked up in bed on her birthday eve, my precious little princess!! Every birthday and christmas we put a present on the end of the girls beds... a little something special that they can open as soon as they wake up, this year it was a fairy baby by Anne Geddes and she just ADORES it!! Big sister also gave her own special homemade present and card.

Miss 3's favourite present besides her fairy baby was her talking Dottywot doll!

Miss 3 got a 'big' bubble blower off a family friend and she was smitten with it... She bugged me all day with 'Mum please my blow bubbles?' and I would say maybe a little later after your cake but every 10 minutes I would look over and sure enough she had the lid off and was blowing bubbles anyway!!

We also had special 'spotty' foods for lunch... Potato Pommes, Chicken Pop's, Peas and a 'spot' of sauce all served with mini milk bottles and sippah straws... Sadly my pink polka dot straws didn't arrive in time!! :(

As much as Miss 3 loved her spotty lunch, I think she LOVED eating her sugary, sweet party food more... of course!

Spotty crackers, spotty kabana and cheese. Yum!! Spotty sultana's and Spotty tiny teddies that she chose herself!!

Cupcakes... ready to Ice themselves (which didn't actually happen because we were all soooo worn out LOL) Spotty cheese balls, spotty chippies, spotty lollies and Spottie cookies as requested by her Uncle.

Oh, and the mini strawberry mousse...

Really I think it was the mousse that our littlest princess loved most... even more than her Wottywot cake!!

I wasn't happy with my cake... I really wanted to have a few different sized dots on the cake but could not for the LIFE of me find another thing to cut circles out... and I was looking for anything circular!!  Miss 3 loved it though and came up to me and gave me a big cuddle and said 'Thank~u mum for making my Wottywot cake, My love it, you da best!!!' which made all the difference!!

She's gotten to that age where she has a mind of her own and doesn't need coaxing to blow out the candles but isn't old enough that you can say 'Wait a second my camera's not ready!!' So I didn't manage the 'magic moment' photo this year and I decided I WOULDN"T be the mummy that re-lights the candles for the photo (this year anyway!! LOL) By this stage she was sooooo sleepy and I was just happy to let her enjoy the moment!!

All tucked in bed snuggling in her 'mummy made' Dora Doona and dressed in her Daddy's favourite pyjamas!

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