Alice in Wonderland themed 9th Birthday Party

Yesterday my eldest baby celebrated her 9th birthday... Yep 9 already! For her party she chose a Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatters Tea-party theme! This party has been MONTHS in the making, for weeks and weeks I have been scouring op-shops for little tiny glass teacups and table decorations for the table and finally it all came together and I was really happy with the results!

I made a custom Alice in wonderland paper party banner, plum and red coloured tissue poms (which I attached to the ceiling using removable electrical cord clips) We used plum coloured table cloths and dragged in some of the outdoor chairs to make the chairs a little miss matched and I made 2 little topiary trees for the tables to give it a Red Queens garden feel!

One of my most favourite things were the cut outs of the Mad Hatter, The Cheshire cat and the White rabbit I managed to snatch (with permission) from our local Woolworths supermarket!

My all time favourite was the Cheshire Cat he was just SO adorable!! Miss 9's great idea of having Tic Toc biscuits was a PERFECT addition to the Teaparty... I LOVE that she is a creative soul like her Mumma!

Heart shaped scones with Cheshire cat toothpick flags (I forgot that I was going to colour the cream purple though which was a bit of a bummer) graced our table along with vol au vents, spearmint leaves, cherry Pods, wafer straws, swirl marshmallows... and goodness knows what else!

We also had a few novelty items such as Licorice Allsorts in normal and shrunken sizes complete with a with shrunken Alice Moxie Girls doll and my very own topiary cake pops... Here is GIANT Miss 2 eating her teeny tiny tree!!

Oh and I cannot forget Chesire cat striped jellies!

Ellie's cake this year was a 5 layer Red Velvet / Devils food cake sponge layered with choc fudge frosting, cream and strawberries, we called it the 'Red Queen Cake'!

Miss 9 LOVED it... although she didn't actually eat any on her birthday... she was already SO full of sugar from the party food that she just couldn't bring herself to eat a piece!!

My little Alice and her Red Queen cake!!

I ADORE this picture!! The birthday girl with her birthday cake, her little sister and her mismatched teapot and teacup earrings!

Ellie had to use all her force to cut her cake LOL well she was being a little tiny bit melodramatic!!

Ellie and one of her topiary tree cake pops!

I LOVED making the Drink Me party favour... they might be a little skimpy as far as party favours are concerned but I liked them!!!

I had originally filled the tester one with multi coloured 100's & 1000's but decided that they would look so much more 'Alicey' in purple!!

And here are my little Red and White queens! This is what I actually wanted the girls to wear but we stopped in at the markets to pick up Ellie's present and the girls all had a turn of the lucky dip, between the two of them they ended up with a set of rabbit ears and cat ears so I ended up with a white rabbit and a cheshire cat instead! I absolutely LOVE these pictures of the two of them.

How gorgeous is that cheeky 'don't let her kiss me' smile? Gosh my little girls make my heart smile! What made the birthday girls heart smile this birthday was going to the markets and getting told that she was going to pick her new friend a Peachface / Lovebird. She ended up picking a yellow one and named her Princess Peach.

She actually ended up falling asleep next to her in bed at the end of her birthday day and I had to tuck her away in her cage before she got squashed.


videobooster said...

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vintagechic said...

wow i love it. i will be using your blog as inspiration for my party. thankyou!

Anonymous said...

Wow great party! We're having the same theme for my daughter's 4th birthday. Just a question. How did you make those mini topiary trees? They're so cute and make great table decorations!Thankyou

Gab said...

Hi Anonymous :)

You can find my tutorial here:

Hope it helps!!

Gab xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gabrielle! Looks easy enough!Which discount store did you get the topiary balls from?$2 shop/Reject shop?Thanks!

Gab said...

Ours was a King Kong store but I have seen them at a few different stores :)

Gab xx

Gab said...

Ours was a King Kong store but I have seen them at a few different stores :)

Gab xx