Being Mum!

Don't you love those Huggies ads? You know the ones where they show that gorgeous baby snuggling close with Mummy or Daddy, the perfect amount of filtered light dancing on their skin and everything is blissfully perfect? It makes me smile every time, because I am reminded of all my own perfect moments... BUT being a mum is so much more than those perfect moments...

I have had sick little girls for a few days now and after trying to cook dinner last night and still make sure that they were okay amongst their bouts of smokiness, I couldn't WAIT for a nice warm shower and the chance to just relax!! So once all the girls had settled… the two younger ones fast asleep and Miss 8 had been given panadol for her fever (poor munchkin) I decided to try and have that shower… I was realistic enough to know that it was by no means going to be the long one I had hoped for but I didn't expect that after only a few seconds my shower would be interrupted by a little girl who had thrown up… with a container in one hand and tears rolling down her cheek she tells me that when she sat up to be sick the washer had fallen off her forehead and fallen straight into the container!! Ewwww…..

The look on her poor little face… She looked devastated and at first I just looked at the two of them (her and the container) My brain said 'uuurrrgghhhhh' but my heart said 'awwwwwwww' with a smile I said it was okay and I took the container from her… I asked her if she was okay and told her to grab another container and try to get some sleep.

The reason I am writing this post is not just to horrify everyone with my 'sick' tale but to show the difference in outlook… Being positive doesn't always come first, it is not always the first thought you have!! But you can nearly ALWAYS find something good or better to focus on!

My first thought was 'Oh great how on earth am I going to clean this up, I'm in the darn shower!' I can't even cuddle her because I'm all wet! WAAHHHHHHHHHH!… Poor me!! hmmppffhhhhh! 

But then out of nowhere, before my very eyes 'Miss Positivity' came to the rescue!!

Miss 8 HADN'T thrown up on herself, her bed or the floor… Her fever HAD broken, her sisters were asleep and DIDN'T need to be comforted at the same time I was going to be taking care of her… sure my lovely shower had been hijacked and in turn I had to participate in an upchuck cleaning expedition instead BUT it could have been SO much worse!

Although I didn't get the shower I wanted I did end up with Miss 8 fast asleep and NOT feeling terrible which at that moment meant so much more to me than the shower anyway! 


Sam said...

So true Gab! A few months ago I had the wake up (in my bed), throw up everywhere, everyone needs a shower at 1am, Miss 2 wakes up and joins in, strip the sheets and all try to get some sleep. But through it all my little boy needed lots of cuddles and to know that he was going to be okay. I think that attitude is more important. One day you'll have all the showers you want for as long as you want!

Emily said...

Thanks for this lovely and timely reminder Gab! I often find myself struggling with my reactions, but when i choose the positive one, I always feel better about the situation later :) xxx