A few little projects

Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?... RIGHT?

My house has been a little crazy over the last few weeks I have had so many things to do! Both my sisters had birthdays, we had a new furry family member arrive, a much anticipated SUNNY MUMMY dine and shine dinner to attend (Yay Me!!) and somehow I managed to sneak in a few crafty projects and a Photo necklace order!!

First up was my middle sisters birthday, for her birthday I decided to make her very own 'flash back' banner. A cute paper banner I had printed especially for her with photos of her growing up!

I loved how it turned out and I decided to add these to my Etsy Shop! I also made my sister a scrapbook album with a montage of childhood photos!!

Somehow I managed to make a 20 page album in less than a week, A good effort I thought!!

The girls even had a page of their own in the album!

It's actually my FAVOURITE page!

Next was my baby sisters birthday! While we were at her house I managed to whip up a quick cake for her. I wasn't really happy with it until I heard her talking to her friends about it and the wolf that I drawn on top of it... She loved it and that is all that mattered to me!

Here she is with her wolf cake! And her eclectic collection of candles!! LOL

On to the crafty Projects!!! Yay!!

Crafty Pfoject Number #1 - Butterfly Frames.

My first crafty project was a set of butterfly frames for Savanah's room! I have had a bunch of pink frames tucked away in Savanah's cupboard from waaayyyyyyy back when Ellie was only 4, they were originally Disney princess frames... One of which hangs sad and empty on Savanah's wall! There are 4 frames to small and to large long ones. For this project I just used the two small frames. I found some gorgeous complementing scrapbook papers and punched out a whole bunch of butterflies and simply glued them down on some plain white backing paper... Easy as that!

An easy peasy project that I just ADORE in Savanah's room!! Can you see them way over there above her bedside table?

Project Number 2 - Crafty Mumma Blog Cushion

Ages and ages ago I ordered some fabric from Spoonflower one was of my logo and the other of my blogs background both on the 8 x 8 'test swatch' size.

For the longest time I have wanted to make a cushion for my craft room and this is the end result:

Project Number #3 - Ryali's Bunny

After spotting a sweet little bunny tutorial on the Martha Stewart site.

Ryali decided 'My want that' sadly my printer was out of ink, so it was off to the drawing board to make my own quick pattern... I say quick because Ryali was SUPER drowsy and I had to get this bunny all done and dusted before she nodded off! The best way to keep her little eyes open?... Get her involved!!

Here she is stuffing the bunny's arms all by herself! I made it's arms a little long because Ryali LOVES to lug things around!

Here is our bunny, Ryali chose her eyes and her nose and she kind of turned out looking like a long eared pig if you ask me, but Ryali loves her and that is all that matters! A long way from Martha's bunny with it's squared shape and little side set face... a little more homely!! LOL

May marked an exciting time for me, I was going to attend the Sunny Mummy Dine and Shine Dinner! As most of my readers know I have been a member of a wonderful organisation called Sunny Mummy for a while now and I do a little graphic work for them from time to time, I was so excited to be able to attend the Dine & Shine event and actually get to meet Stacey and some of my Sunny Mummy Sisters! Which I did!!!

Yay!!!! Here is Charmaine a fellow Mumma from the Sunny Mummy Sisterhood, Stacey Sullaphen Chief Sunny Officer of Sunny Mummy (check out her blog here) and Me - Crafty Mumma. It really was such an awesome night and I am so glad I went!! I even won a prize!! (a blog post about that soon!!) I didn't want to go empty handed so I decided to make a little something for Sunny Mummy herself.

Enter Project Number #4 - Shine Hanger

I was beyond happy with how this one turned out and was VERY tempted to keep it for myself!! (hee hee hee) I was thinking that it would be a lovely thing to hang from a door handle or even a curtain rod? Just a happy little reminder to SHINE BABY SHINE!!!

So that has been what has kept me busy (and sane) over the past few weeks... I told you I had been busy!! LOL What have you been up to??


Mummahh said...

wow these are ALL fab!!!! i made a indoor table cubby this week, and i made my first bunting, let me say they are not easy!
love your ideas x

Gab said...

Ali it looks gorgeous!! Check it out on Ali's blog ppl: