Family Life - Looking after Children with the Flu

As the nights continue to grow colder there is no denying that winter is on it's way, so too are winter sniffles and sore throats! Looking after a child with Influenza can be difficult and tiring. There is nothing worse than having your little one feeling under the weather. If your child does get the flu there are some easy ways you can help make the experience a little more bearable for you and your child.
  • Its a good idea to make your self a 'grab' basket. Put things such as a thermometer, child paracetamol, lozenges and anything else you use regularly inside. That way you know exactly where to find it. 
  • Set your child up in an area of their own eg: tucked into bed or snuggled up on the lounge. Have things like a face washer, a bottle of water, dry biscuits, a towel and a bucket (in case the biscuits don't want to stay down) within your child's reach. 
  • If your child has long hair it might be a wise to pull their hair back in a tie. Your child may not feel as though they are going to throw up but that way you won't have to struggle with there hair if they do. 
  • If you do end up using the bucket, when it comes time to rinse it out put a couple of drops of scented disinfectant in the bottom not only does it smell nice, but it kills germs too.
  • Colouring books, books for reading and a few toys are other things that your child may want to have close by. Its very boring for little children to stay in one spot for a long time and these things might help to keep them entertained.
The benefit of having your child set up on the lounge is that you can keep an eye on them as you go about your daily tasks. Your child can also watch television or their favourite movie and know that you are nearby. It is important for you to take care of yourself too! By making sure you wash your hands regularly you are helping by stopping the spread of germs. You aren't going to be of much use to your child if you are sick as well! You may still contract the virus but hopefully you can fight it off until your child is well enough not to need you at his/her beck and call.

Just remember the three C's: 

Keep Calm by being prepared. 
Keep Clean by washing your hands. 
Consult your GP if you have any concerns. 

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