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After hearing a story from a very dear friend I decided to write this fortnights article on bullying! Due to a break down of communication my final published article was not edited for print by me. So I am going to post MY original version here and as usual attach the printed copy below.

School bullying has been a concern for all parents at sometime. When faced with bullying it can be hard to know how to handle the situation effectively. By staying calm and being informed parents can better deal with school bullying and help their child. Here is some information that hopefully can help parents see bullying in a new light.

Scarring from bullying can be visible long after the physical, mental and emotional damage has been done. Bullying is particularly devastating in early childhood when young brains are still developing, it can teach little minds to view the world in an unrealistic manner and can severely effect their self esteem. For a successful resolution it is important to address bullying as soon as it has been brought to the attention of parents and teachers. Consoling a crying child who has been bullied can be devastating, it can make parents feel sad, angry and very protective. Parents may want to seek justice for their little ones but it is very important that they act logically even after their mummy or daddy lion has kicked in.  

Communication is a necessity when dealing with bullying… communication between parents and teachers, the parents of both children but most importantly communication between parents and their own children!

For the bullied child it is important that they know that:
  • They are safe
  • That the issue of bullying is being dealt with
  • That they have the full support of their parents
For the aggressing child it is important to:
  • Sit and talk with them and find out WHY they behaved in an aggressive way.
  • Remind them that they are not a bad PERSON but that their ACTIONS were bad. 
  • Remind them that there are better ways to express ourselves. 
Most importantly ALL children need to know that:
  • Bullying is WRONG! 
  • It is NOT okay to hurt another child. 
  • To tell teachers and parents when bullying occurs.

It is essential for proper resolution that the parents of the aggressing child are made aware of their child's behaviour. If they know that there is a problem then they can find out why their child is acting out and help break the cycle of bullying. Parents also need to speak to their child's school and arrange to meet with their child's teacher or principal to discuss an appropriate course of action. The school is a great common ground to mediate bullying issues and the school needs to be made aware of the bullying situation so that they to can take appropriate action to stop any future bullying from occurring.

And here is the printed article:

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