Family Life - Newspaper Column

As confusing, trying, emotionally tiring, and exhausting parenthood is as a proud Mummy or Daddy we wouldn't trade it for the world. We watch as our children grow and blossom, developing like a polaroid photograph, tiny little people that we aspire to teach all of life's lessons to, but we soon realise that those tiny little souls are in fact the ones that will be teaching us.

I know that my children have taught me more about life and the ways of the world than any school I attended throughout my childhood and that in the big scheme of things the lessons they taught me are the most valuable lessons I will learn in my life time.

It is these lessons that I hope will guide me in my new venture. 2011 has brought me a wonderful opportunity, I have been invited to be a columnist for my local newspaper. I am hoping that by writing about my experiences and relaying to other people the things I have learnt that maybe I can help another person along their parenthood journey!

Each fortnight I will be writing an article and once it has been published in the newspaper I will then also publish it to my blog for those of you that live abroad!!

Please feel free to leave comments, your feedback helps me choose the content of my upcoming articles!

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