Face Painting

Some of my favourite moments are the ones that happen accidentally, the ones were you just happen to be at the right place at the right time. We were very lucky because this particular morning we decided to spoil the girls by taking them to Mc Donalds for breakfast, while we were there Lolita (aka Sparkle) from Shades of Inspiration was offering FREE face painting for the children.

I loved sitting watching the girls sitting ever so still getting their faces painted, I think I could tell them every second of the day to sit still and fail miserably, But 'Sparkle' has that special kind of magic that has them still as statues. Miss 3 had a beautiful floral tiara painted across her forehead, Miss 5 choose a mermaid design and Miss 9 had an angelic design. All of them turned out GORGEOUS and I am thinking about getting Lolita to do face painting at our next birthday!

The photo's I took of them getting their faces painted are some of my favourites at the moment, I smile as I look at them remembering what a nice day we had. I sometimes even giggle to myself as I think of how gorgeously funny Miss 3 looked leaning WAYYYYY forward in Lolita's hand as she got her face painted.

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