Decor8 the Plate

In my kitchen hanging on the wall are these two plates, yes I am one of those people! My plates do however have a certain significance. When I moved out of home these plates belonged to my first ever dinner set, I adored them, I still adore them. These two plates and 2 coffee mugs are all that remains of the set and I have been hanging on to them for at least 5 years just because I loved them so much. Now that we are in our own home I thought I would hang them on the wall that way I could still look at them and it wouldn't be these two odd plates in my cupboard that could of course get broken. The big plate however looked rather plain hanging on the wall with it's big vast white middle so I ducked over to Decal Monograms and had them make me a custom decal of the word 'HOME'

It's a simple little word but I think it makes a big difference...... well I think it does, especially for the $4.50 it cost to have it made and shipped from Georgia USA!! What a bargain!!

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