Mother's Words

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Do you remember one conversation from your childhood that impacted the way you saw yourself and the world? You know the one that stuck with you for life? I do. Mine was a conversation with my mother when I was about 9 years old and I had been particularly naughty that day and Mum was a little 'testy' too to say the least! I couldn't for the life of me tell you what I had done but looking back I can tell the kind of day my mum had had. It was one of those day's where she was just plain old exhausted wether she had had a rough day with my dad, a sick child or had just had a 'blluuurrgghhhh' day I will never really know and I am sure if I asked she wouldn't remember, what I do remember was arguing with her I am sure it was about the fact that she had misunderstood me or misinterpreted something I had done and I remember the look in her eyes as she said to me:

'Gabe, Yes, I am a mum BUT I am still learning. I am the mum of 2 children but YOU are the only 9 year old I have ever grown AND your sister will be the only 'her' 9 year old I will have ever grown. Sometimes we get it wrong but we ALWAYS have your best interests at heart'

Maybe the words aren't exact but the sentiment is spot on, that talk is something that has stayed with me my whole life, it made me more understanding of the 'job' my mother held and the journey she was taking. Up until that point I expected mum to be perfect. I couldn't understand how it was even possible for her to 'misunderstand' me, after all she is MUM, see-er of all, do-er of good and she was invincible!! Once I realised that she was only learning how to be a mother and that she was only just learning to be the mother of a 9 year old, I realised that I was only learning how to be an 9 year old daughter too, we were both learning, both students of life! It was really a wonderful thing to share it made me more patient when mum got things 'wrong' and it made her human which made her easier to relate too. When the time comes, when I find the right opportunity, I too will share with my daughters my journey in hope that they too will be more understanding of my job and the constant learning we all do everyday. I think somewhere in our journey we forget that we don't know everything and we give up on learning new things, but life is about learning, knowledge makes us smarter and stronger and we should NEVER turn our noses up at the chance to learn new things! REMEMBER the most un-intellegant people can still teach us new things if we are willing to open our minds and learn them. But NO ONE can teach us as much as our children can!
I would love to hear what 'life lessons' you have learn't so please feel free to leave a comment!


Unknown said...

Just discovered your blog (via Sunny Mummy Sisterhood!). I wish I had taken the time to listen to my Mum more as I was growing up. Funny how being being a Mum yourself makes you appreciate them oh so much more.
Looking forward to reading more from you.x

Lisa Jay said...

Lovely post! I just saw your comment over at Sarah Jane's blog & saw you mention Australia... thought I'd visit the fellow Aussie :)

What a blessing for you to have been able to understand your mum was growing in her job, at a young age. I'm 32 & probably still expect that my mum should just be able to 'get it right cause she's a mum'!! oops!

Totally agree that our children are teaching us so much all the time. I almost can't keep up with the life lessons flying at me in motherhood.