Toy basket labels

I tried to utilise the space under Miss 5's bed by using woven rectangular baskets to store toys in. I had originally hoped to paint the baskets pink and make new green liners for them but I haven't got that far yet. Tired of pulling out the baskets to reveal 100 tonnes (no exaggerations!) of clothes and paper I decided to make some labels for the boxes so that Miss 5 could easily recognise what was supposed to be in each one. I searched the internet for images and logo's that were suitable to represent what was to be stored inside. Funnily enough for a little girl who can only just recognise the letters in her name she could easily recognise the barbie, My little pony, Littlest petshop and Polly pocket logo's (surprise surprise) so I printed each image onto 6 x 4 photo paper and used the same size laminating pouches to laminate them, I then punched 2 holes at the top of the 'tag' and threaded ribbon thru the holes, the loop at the back simply slips over the existing handle and Hey Presto cute labels for Miss5 's toy baskets!!

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Fi said...

Another fab job hun! They look really effective and I love the idea of using colours/logos that your little ones can recognise rather than just typing the names! Very clever!
And yay for having somewhere to stash the multitude of toys! I'm trying to work up the courage to do a toy cull before Xmas!