A Dora Themed Party for Miss R

You seem to notice more with your youngest baby just how quickly they grow up. I can't believe that R is 2 already. For her birthday I decided to have a party at home. I put up the play tunnels and a mini ball pit in the lounge room and pretty much let her go CRAZY! She had so much fun, The screaming was almost unbearable!

R couldn't help but laugh to the point of hiccups as she found out how much fun it was to throw the ball pit balls at everyone!

And to see her cheeky little face beaming with joy as her sweet little head peeked out from the tunnels was priceless!
All three of the girls were actually really really excited and happy and I couldn't help but take a photo of them, I love how blissfully happy they look!
Even though it was her birthday R couldn't help but break out her signature 'pout' while waiting for her pizza to arrive.
Miss R was so in love with her birthday cake, She kept singing 'Happy Rywee' to herself. When it came to the big moment she didn't want to blow out the candles, Nanny even tried to coax her into blowing out the candles but she didn't want a bar of it! 

The cutting of the cake however was a different story, we were hard pressed trying to get the knife out of her little hands! (Don't u just love E in the background laughing hysterically?) 

R was very impressed with the rainbow insides of her Dora cake too. By the time everyone went home she was so tired and ready for bed. I think it was a little to exciting for a little tiny BIG girl!

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