Sushi Sally

My latest craft expedition is a rag doll for Miss S, I named her 'Sushi Sally' I had hoped to have her made for S's birthday but the sushi fabric didn't arrive in time :o( and now I am waiting to get her some hair. Usually I like to use my own patterns when making something special for the girls but I just loved this pattern so much I had to try it! The pattern I used is called 'Autumn Annie - Nancy Ann' by De Powell and is available at Bowls-n-Annies ( for only US$8 for an e-pattern! It was a VERY easy pattern to follow and there is even a tutorial at Bowls-n-Annies if you do get stuck! I asked and De said that it is okay for me to share with you the picture of the original Autumn Annie - Nancy Ann doll, Here is the original doll that is made from De's fantastic pattern (Thank~u De!)

In true 'Crafty Mumma' style I have given the Autumn Annie pattern a 'Gab' twist. Sushi Sally has a sweet little pretty pink heart hand painted on her chest and her name across her botty. She wears a dress made from Robert Kaufman's green 'Sushi Please' fabric has now been embellished with a bright orange button on the front of the bodice and the bottom of her dress will have a matching row orange broderie lace edging. Her hands, feet and botty have all been weighed with glass beads to give her a little more 'dangle' and her legs have been turned to face toward each other. I have given Sally a sweet friendly little girls face rather than the traditional 'Raggedy Anne' style and when I finally get her hair I will 'attempt' to give her a side parted fringe and pigtails instead of the bangs and pigtales the original pattern asks for. Now all I have to do is decide what colour to make her hair, Any suggestions?


Aunty Nik said...

Blonde like Savanah....allthough i think it would look cute with black hair too !! :)
July 13 at 7:33pm

Gab said...

They are the colours I was thinking too! LOL Black would match her outfit, Blonde will match Vanah!
July 13 at 9:06pm

Aunty Nik said...

Exactly what i was thinking!!!!!! lol
July 13 at 9:58pm

Michelle Leaman said...

Maybe a short black bob?? With a straight fringe? She looks awesome Gabby!
July 14 at 7:58am