My prototype ragdoll Ebony!

So finally I finished the doll I was creating from my new pattern. I named her Ebony. I think I was about 1/2 way through making her when stupidly I placed her down where little miss Nearly Three decided to help by drawing her face for me, So helpful! She decided to draw her face with my clothes labeling pen too, so it isn't coming off anytime soon. I didn't mind so much to be honest. I did decide to make her a 'mask' with a face like I had intended just so I could see how she might have turned out. Eb will stay with me so I can proudly show off Miss 3's artistic abilities! Ebony is about 15 inches tall and made from a light flesh coloured fabric, Her dress is made from an upcycled green floral dress I owned but never wore, Her collar is Olive coloured felt and her ballet flat shoes are hand painted, her lil shorty shorts are hand painted in olive green acrylic paint and she is stuffed with polyfil. I am thinking about changing the pattern so that she has knees (so she can sit on a shelf or chair) aswell as weighing down her hands, feet and her lil botty (bottom) to give her a little more 'dangle'!

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