African Grey Portrait

I wanted to share with you all a wonderful artist called Whitney. Whitney is the face behind African Grey Designs and I recently contracted her to do a portrait of my dog JD after seeing her beautiful cards and prints on Etsy! I just ADORE the pictures she made of JD and with her permission I am sharing the proof images with you so you can get and idea of how awesome the portraits turn out! I am truly smitten with JD's portrait, I love EVERYTHING about it, The simplicity and the vibrant colours, I just can't wait until I am actually looking at it in person! You can find Whitney and African Grey designs by clicking on the URL link below:

It was a hard to decide on which portrait I actually wanted... In the end I chose a mix of both! 

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Gab said...

I just wanted to take the time to let you all know that I recieved my portrait and it is beautifful, The paper it is printed on has a shimmer to it.. Just magical!

Gab xx